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Pulkes band

An Israeli-Jerusalem ensemble that combines sounds from all over the Mediterranean and the Balkans, along with African rhythms and a Western groove that moves the body, 'Pulkes' gives a show that leaves no room for indifference.

Pulkes band has been active since 2017 and has not rested for a moment, currently working on an EP that will be released soon.

Who we are?

Pulkes has grown up and evolved within the walls of Jerusalem, we started out in the "Music and Silence" school for music in Jerusalem, under the musical direction of Eyal Talmudi. We play world music with an emphasis on music and styles from the Balkans, klezmer, Mediterranean and more. Since 2017 to this day, we have managed to conquer festivals around the country such as indie-Negev, autumn sounds, Tower of David, etc.  

The band consists of seven of the best wind and string players in the country, graduates of the School of Music and Silence with extensive experience performing all over the country and with the greatest artists.


Tuval Haim - Drums

Hi, I'm Tuvi,  Drumming on everything since I remember, love the groove and making people dance.


Gilad Fried - Bass

Creative musician and bassist, specializes in world music (African, Balkan, Latin reggae, etc.)

מאיר קליינר עלינו

Meir Kleiner - Clarinet

Hi I'm Meir living and breathing music since I can remember. Plays a clarinet since I was 11. I love the Balkan groove and especially klezmer sobs.


Shevach Samuel -
Tenor Saxophone

Tenor saxophone, creates and plays Balkan music and is also a member of the piracy group. Lives and researches Balkan music most of the day.


Yosef Shitrit -
Alto Saxophone

Hi, I'm Yosef, I play the saxophone. I'm Playing and Listening to lots of styles, mostly anything that makes me move, smile or get excited.

נבו קסטיאל - עלינו

Nevo Castiel - Guitar

Hi I've Nevo. Plays guitar and sometimes also sings. Loves music and enjoys playing it with friends. The musical director of the band Pulkes.

לוגו פולקעס לבן

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